Ride To Light is North East India’s first fully-supported cycle tour.

It was initiated by Further & Beyond Foundation in 2016, and it strives towards sustainability. Ride To Light creates value in three primary ways:

  • The net earnings go towards lighting up homes by Further & Beyond Foundation under The Batti Project. Much after the ride ends, the systems are installed in the homes by the Batti team and others.
  • The local economy is benefited. Because of the ride, capital moves into North East India; existing businesses are stimulated, and new ones emerge.
  • The activity is an exercise in capability-building for the local people. On the strengths of these experiences, the teams from the region can create sustainable tourism and other related ventures.

The event constitutes a stretch of 11 days. Of these, 6 days are the cycle ride which is about 300 Kms across Lohit, Dibang and Lower Dibang Valley districts, and the rest of the days are for unwinding and returning. The riders are picked up from the airport or the station, and returned to the airport or the station at the end of the event.

Through the event, we will provide a complete cycling and camping experience, including transport, food, accommodation in tents, toilets, optionally rentable bicycles and spares available for purchase, maintenance of cycles before and after riding hours, a medical support team, campfires, stories, and much merriment to go around.

For conducting the event, we partner with vendors, local bodies, professionals, government and other organizations. Ride with us, for a cause, and experience what only a few ever will: a most pristine forest and intact mega-biodiversity in one of the last few remaining ecologically magnificent regions in the world.

The Batti project is an initiative to provide basic lighting for North East India’s most remote inhabitants.

Batti strives for change that is sustainable by harnessing renewable energy sources and connecting those in need with those willing to help.

Visit www.batti.in for more info.

After sundown all activity is restricted to the fireplace, due to lack of access to lighting. Light adds valuable hours to a tribal’s day – children can study, fieldworkers can wind up errands, homeworkers can cook in peace, and a host of other activities unthinkable without artificial lighting can be done.