It is very important to do a safety check of your bike before every ride, to ensure that your bike is in good riding condition. This precautionary measure only takes a few minutes and is necessary for your own safety.

Here is a list of basic inspections to do of your bike, before you head for a ride.

a. Tyres and Wheels
Check your tyres to make sure they are properly inflated. Take a quick look all the way around for places where the rubber might be cracked, gouged or worn. Also, check the nuts or quick release mechanisms that hold your wheels in place. Ensure that your wheels are securely fastened so they don’t come out while riding.

b. Brakes
Squeeze your brake levers to make sure that they apply enough pressure to stop your bike and that you don’t have any problems with fraying or stretched cables. Also, check the brake pads in the front and back to be sure they are hitting only the rims and not the tyres.

c. Seat Post and Handle Bar Stem
Next, check to make sure that your handle bar is set at the right height, that the stem is fastened tightly and that your seat is set at the correct height.

d. Helmet
Inspect your helmet before wearing to make sure there are no cracks on the outer shell or inner surface. Also, make sure the straps are adjusted correctly so that your helmet fits snugly and doesn’t come loose or move when you tilt your head.

e. Chain and Gears
Last, but not the least, check that your chain turns cleanly through your front and rear sprockets and doesn’t rub against the derailleurs. At the same time, quickly run your bike through its range of gears to make sure there are no problems with rough shifting, chain slippage etc., and that the drive train is free from excessive grime and doesn’t need lubrication.

These quick checks are easy and can help you avoid any mishaps that could arise on account of a mechanical failure.