• Lead vehicle to carve out the tour route
• Support crew (on motorcycles) patrolling between participants
• Dedicated cycle mechanic
• Dedicated medical staff in the form of a doctor. All crew are also qualified to give wilderness first aid.
• Sweep wagon (at the rear)
• Tempo to ferry participants who are swept

Since RTL is not a competitive event, measures are taken to ensure the group moves ahead as a unit. In the event a participant is unable to complete the day’s cycling section, he/she will be ferried forward by the sweep vehicle.
In addition to nutritional breaks, picnic lunches will be provided for at dedicated rest stops along the RTL route.


Accommodation is arranged in the form of comfortable and cozy campsites for the duration of the tour. This is in addition to two nights of hotel stay. Please refer to the itinerary and accommodation specifics for more detailed information.
Accommodation at campsites will be provided in the form of dome tents (on twin sharing basis). The camps will also be outfitted with toilets and bathing facilities with hot water.
While not prescribed – but if absolutely required – someone can accompany you on tour as a non-cyclist. Keep in mind the accompanying individual will still have to bear the full cost of the tour.

Tour Inclusions

Everything – from the designated meeting point in Dibrugarh on January 25th till departure back from Dibrugarh on February 4th – is included in the tour costing.

These include:

• Accommodation in camps and hotels
• Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats
• Food (all meals)
• Full support crew while riding
• Accompanying doctor
• Accompanying mechanic
• Accompanying support/back-up vehicle
• Refreshments and nutritional support while cycling
• Welcome kit

All participants are provided with full bike transfer facilities from the designated meeting point in Dibrugarh on January 25th till departure from Dibrugarh on February 4th.

Medical Support

Yes. A qualified doctor is on hand at all times. In addition, the support crew is trained in wilderness first aid delivery.
All basic support vehicles (apart from lead vehicle and patrollers) will bring up the rear.
The tour moves with a lead vehicle in front and a sweep vehicle at the rear with patrolling motorbikes in-between. Chances are we’ll find you before you need to find us.


RTL provides full luggage service for the duration of the tour. Deposit your luggage with us at the beginning of the day and you’ll find it in your own tent after the day’s ride.
Yes, there is a limit to the luggage that can be carried. While we choose not to put a strict restriction on luggage, it is advisable to carry only what you’ll need on the tour. Also, avoid using suitcases and opt for duffle bags instead.
It is advisable to only carry items that you require on the tour. If you absolutely must carry valuables like cameras, laptops etc., it is better to carry them on your person. These fragile items could take a beating while loading and unloading.

Bikes and Maintenance

RTL will provide end-to-end bike service for all mechanical problems. But it is also advised that you acquaint yourself with basic cycle maintenance. If we’re running short of time, we’ll provide you with a spare cycle to complete the day’s ride before addressing the issue of your personal bike.
We will be carrying spares for the bikes that we provide, and you will be charged for them. However, if you are getting your personal bike, we suggest that you carry at least the basic spares that you might require.

Fund Raising

Registrations are fixed at a non-refundable amount of Rs. 5000. After this you’ll onto the fundraising stage of RTL.
Full qualification to ride in RTL 2018 requires you to raise a minimum amount of Rs. 1,20,000. The first 25 participants to reach this target will book a final spot on the tour. We hope you’ll keep fundraising after you have raised this qualifying amount; any sum above Rs. 1,20,000 is greatly appreciated and goes directly towards lighting up homes!
Worry not. In such a case, the amount raised (and the registration amount) will carry over to the next edition of RTL.
In such a case, the registration will be cancelled and all money raised will be considered a contribution to the Batti Project.
If you raise the qualifying amount, we will still try to accommodate you in the same ride. If there are many more people like yourself, who have raised the amount but after 25 people already qualified, we might have a second round of the same ride at a slightly shifted date. In such circumstances, we shall be in touch with you the moment we sense such a possibility.