The kind of lifestyle we had for – even if it was only – six days, was quiet something. One has to come in with an open mind or be ready to open it up. As said in the movie Patch Adams, you should be ready to experience “excessive happiness”.I think the ride and the life it exposed me to has really changed the way I am thinking about certain things in life.
RajavelManoharan, Bangalore.
The route had the right balance of climbs and downhill sections. The outstanding landscapes are a joy for the rider.The Support team was doing RTL for the first time and I could make out the unexpressed tension. What I liked was how they managed to handle everything smoothly despite many logistical challenges. They did it cheerfully. It was amazing team work and the fun element was never in short supply.
JadavPegu, Dibrugarh.
Ride To Light means a journey, not a start to finish. It carries on within you, knowing that you are riding for a cause, knowing that towards the end, you don’t want it to end, even when you see the light.

Perfect troop, perfect food, perfect energy, perfect locale!

Philip D’mello, Bangalore
Ride To Light requires determination, courage and, above all,the ability to enjoy it.Feeling privileged and honoured to have toured with the most beautiful and full-of-life guys on Earth.Being from the region, it was awesome knowing and sharing our life with outsiders who are so full of life.
LokaElapra, Roing.