Arunachal pradesh

Date: January 25th – February 4th
Location: Lohit district, Dibang and Lower Dibang disticts,
Arunachal Pradesh
Distance: 300 kms
No. of Riders: 30

Starting at the Digaru plains in Tezu, the RTL 2018 trail winds upwards to the Eastern Himalayas, passing through Myodia – the highest peak over snowline in Lower Dibang Valley.  Continuing through an almost unbroken line of jungle, the trail concludes in the meadows and pine forests of Anini. Covering 300 kilometres over 6 days, the tour is considered appropriate for intermediate level riders.

Dibang Valley (coverying vast areas of Dibang and Lower Dibang Valley districts) has the distinction of being the least populous region in the country! Known for its cover of thick forest which clothes about 82% of the region, the vegetation here can be classified into the following forest types: Tropical Evergreen, Tropical Semi-evergreen, Sub-Tropical Broad Leaved, Sub-Tropical Pine, Temperate Broad Leaved, Temperate Conifer, Sub-Alpine Woody Shrub, Alpine Meadow, Degraded, Bamboo, and Grasslands.

Rare mammals such as the Mishmi Takin, Red Goral, Gongshan Muntjac, Red Panda, Mishmi Hills Giant Flying Squirrel, Musk Deer, Hoolock Gibbon and Himalayan Black Bear are found in these habitats. These are in addition to the abundance of cats like the Tiger, Common Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, Golden Cat, Jungle Cat, Marbled Cat and the Leopard Cat.
It’s a fitting site for India’s third largest protected animal zone – the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Ride To Light: The Mishmi Hills Challenge is aptly named for running through the Mishmi Hills; a geographical feature home to a number of ethnic groups and sub-tribes.

The tour interacts predominantly with the Idu Mishmis (a sub-tribe of the larger ethnic group of Mishmis). These hunter-gatherers, long settled into a pastoral lifestyle, still exist (for a large part) as they did centuries ago. Considered among the ‘Endangered Peoples of the world’, theirs is a rapidly dwindling population of only 13,000. Their customs predispose them against reckless hunting which has helped the area become a stronghold of mega flora and fauna in the region.

Day Date Destination Stay Activity
Day 1 25-jan-18 Arrival at Mohanbari Airport Camp/Hotel Transfer to Tezu
Day 2 26-jan-18 Roing via Bhismak Nagar Camp Cycling
Day 3 27-jan-18 47km Camp Camp Cycling
Day 4 28-jan-18 Kebabonli Camp Cycling
Day 5 29-jan-18 Aloya Camp Cycling
Day 6 30-jan-18 Agui Camp Cycling
Day 7 31-jan-18 Anini Camp Cycling
Day 8 01-Feb-18 Alinye Camp Experience local culture
Day 9 02-Feb-18 Ryanli Camp Transfer
Day 10 03-Feb-18 Roing Camp Wind down
Day 11 04-Feb-18 Dibrugarh Airport Departure
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